So I’m taking a class in Photoshop this term. My dad gave me his copy of CS3, the assignments are in CS4, and students who don’t already own the software will be buying CS5. So far this is not an issue, but we’re only in the first week.

So far, we are making fairly ugly things. I took Web Design with this instructor last year, and we made ugly things most of the way through the class. Sigh. However, I have already learned an extremely useful thing — how to use layers. I have always been mystified by that. I’m not a visually-oriented person, and I have noticed the layers panel on the screen but just found it confusing. I think, however, that much of my feeling of, “Oh, come on, I know Photoshop is supposed to do this — why won’t you do this for me?” is because I hadn’t grasped the layers.

One thing in particular impressed me enormously: in order to put things in front of other things, you have to stack up the layer bars in the order you want.

I would never have gotten that. You should have seen me getting all amazed. I think my mouth fell open and I had wide eyes and was clicking back and forth being astounded that I’d never noticed that.

Good thing it’s an online class.

The class I’m teaching this summer is going well so far. It pays me about half of what I need to earn during the time I’m teaching it, and it takes up about half my work day, so this ought to work out well. It’s in my favorite building, too. So far, I’ve taught in four different buildings for this school, but I like this one the best.

And I have a bunch of plain old writing assignments, so I’m enjoying myself.

I haven’t written about my adventures over the weekend or the girls’ visits or my current needlework projects or anything, but no doubt I will at some point…