A bookkeeper is coming in today to help subdue my paperwork, and a cleaner is coming tomorrow to help subdue my house. Perhaps by Saturday, life will seem simpler.

My students did very well on their first draft this week, and I’m looking forward to seeing their final papers today. Then we’re going to make a Squidoo lens. I think this will be a cool collaborative project, and none of them had heard of Squidoo, so they all have a level playing field.

I was surprised by the difficulty they had grasping the concept, though. Squidoo, like Wikipedia and Facebook, with which they are all familiar (and like Xanga, for that matter), is a site with user-generated content. That means that people can go publish stuff there any time they feel likeit. And yet students kept asking, “Do they tell us what to put here?” and “I don’t understand. Where’s the one on our topic?”

It’ll be a new adventure.

I’m also surprised by how small their vocabularies are. Is it the case that students used to know more words and now, because they read less, they know fewer words, or is it mere nostalgia on my part? Maybe I’ve just reached the point at which I naturally think things beginning with, “Today’s students…”