Tricofolk (who is making Erin, the sweater I plan to make after Hopkins) wrote about being sure to have plenty of yarn on hand in case the next ice age occurs without warning. While the likelihood of this happening seems small, you have to admire that level of preparation.

I usually only have enough yarn for current projects plus one, and I usually only have one or two projects going on, so I really don’t have a yarn stash. I also read all my books, just in case you are secretly thinking “Oh yeah, she doesn’t have a yarn stash, but how many books does that woman own? I know she has a linen closet full of ’em.” I even re-read them, and refer to many of them on a regular basis. So there. But that wasn’t what I was going to say.

I was going to say that preparation is a beautiful thing. I have houseguests expected again this weekend and I have unaccountably lost most of the week somewhere. I missed the Schwann’s man, I have been cutting wee shapes out of an enormous piece of paper (the quilt pattern, that is), my mind is full of music for Holy Week (and pretty gruesome stuff some of it is, too), and I do not seem to have done any housework or arranged for food in any way. Elves have not appeared and done the laundry either. Nor have the errands on my list taken care of themselves. I am supposed to take a lesson to one friend and dinner to another, I had one rehearsal last night and have another tonight, and — okay, enough whining. Whining will not help. Neither will blogging. Turning off the computer and doing some of the accumulated household tasks before going to work will help.