I had a call yesterday asking if I’d be willing to be interviewed by The Wall Street Journal. I have seen the WSJ make people sound like complete idiots, but I still said yes. I thought it was pretty cool to be asked. #1 son told me not to gloat, and told me in particular that I shouldn’t gloat about it on my xanga, which I am of course doing right now in spite of his wise advice. This is because I can’t be going around gloating about it IRL.

#2 son, who has changed his planned major from architecture to economics, put his finger on the other point, aside from the general coolness of having even been thought of for this gig: if they didn’t make me sound like an idiot, I might have a nice little uptick in business from it. “What would you do if you got more business?” he asked.

Good question. I haven’t been very successful in getting people Out on the Calendar. While people seem cheerful enough about having their website design out a few months, they want their content immediately. Or rather, they want each step of it done immediately, and they want to have a week or two between the steps and then as soon as they get it back to you, they want the next bit done immediately.

It made me think about success. Because there was a time when having an international clientele meant you were successful. Being mentioned in the WSJ meant you were successful. Now, of course, it means nothing. We’re all online, any of us can be read by people anywhere around the world, and I see my analytics so I know I don’t have thousands of readers. One with some connection to the WSJ, apparently, but that’s random chance.

I’ve always thought of success in terms of meeting my goals and being happy. But it would be nice to have some external indicator of business success, because as far as I can tell, I’ve been quite successful so far, but might well have no work at all next month. There ought to be a point at which I could say, “Okay, now I can relax about that, because…”

Actually, in one month and a few days it’ll be the anniversary of my losing my salaried job. Maybe I can relax then, on the grounds that if I were going to starve in the gutter, I’d already have done so.