The Methodist choir had guests — another Methodist choir. We are joining forces for Holy Week. Rehearsal in our town tonight and then, as one of their sopranos said, “You’re coming to our house next week!” Except that I cannot get there because I work too late. So this was my last rehearsal of the Holy Week music, some of which I have seen only once before. We also had five new pieces given to us last night. We sang through them once or twice. However, there was no general despair or shock in the group. They seemed to find it quite usual. I brought my music home to practice.

The music is not difficult, and we don’t really work much on dynamics or any of those details — this is a relaxed group. We are singing one Robert Shaw piece (or at least we met it once, although we have not ever practiced it again), but the others are Twila Paris, arrangments of old hymns, and such. It is still not entirely clear to me what we are singing when, but since it is essentially a sing around the campfire kind of thing, I am going to be as relaxed about it as everyone else.

Hopkins is perking along. Having been to the dentist and a group meeting with the Gifted and Talented Coordinator, plus the usual classes and rehearsals, and of course work, I have not been able to knit as much as I would like. I also have not gotten to the gym or done the usual amount of housework or laundry. I will get the grocery shopping done today, at last. The quilt will just have to wait for the weekend.