We’ve had a death in the family; my brother. People are rallying round. I’m continuing to work and otherwise not doing much. #1 daughter came up to hang out and provide moral support, and I appreciate that enormously. Partygirl has come to whisk me away for walks in the park and CD has come to sit and be cried at, and really both of those are good things to do, too.

The food brought by The Big Game Hunter’s womenfolks is still on the table, being eaten and also there for us to put on plates and offer to visitors. At some point I need to do cooking and cleaning, but mostly I’ve been working and knitting and that’s all.

#2 son said, “I don’t know how to feel,” and I know just what he means. #1 daughter said, “We’re just waiting.” I guess we are. I don’t know what we’re waiting for, exactly; mostly we’re just shocked.

I told the church, and I did mention it briefly to a couple of major clients for whom I had deadlines on the day I found out about it, just in case I missed any deadlines (I didn’t), but mostly I’m not mentioning it. As though ignoring it will make it go away.