Arkenboy came by the store yesterday, and I made him look at my Link Campaign Log.

Sometimes I haul That Man over to see the store blog’s footprints, or report small page rank victories to The Empress, but they don’t know what those things mean, and haven’t seen the changes taking place, and so cannot be expected to appreciate them.

It’s kind of like knitting. You get excited about a particular stitch or how you have finally mastered picot hems or something, and you have no one to share this great news with because, let’s face it, the great majority of people Really Don’t Care.

This is one of the big reasons for knitting blogs: to link the members of a group too small to predominate in a physical setting, but large enough to seem really big in a virtual one. As far as I know, there is no blog community for people having to learn computer skills with no help and no book for heaven’s sake. I wish there were. Except that then there would just be whole crowds not knowing what we were doing, whereas the online knitting community includes some experts. Computer experts do not, I think, admire one another’s site maps and answer questions like “Look at my visitor tracking stats — am I correct in thinking that this shows improvement?”

So, though I was interested in what Arkenboy had to say about St.Patrick’s Day in Kansas City (yep, they act like it’s Mardi Gras), I was also in fact wondering whether I could in decency ask about the site map. And I decided, what the heck, he’s dating my daughter, how can he refuse? And asked him. And persisted, too. When he said, “Remember I told you X and Y…” I said, “Yes, I remember, but I don’t understand what X is or how to do Y.”

He was quite helpful. And looked impressed, too, even if he was thinking “Gawd, she doesn’t know what she’s doing at all, does she?” I’m going to make that boy a cake.

#2 son came to work with me and we got three shelving units filled with packed, labeled boxes. I went to choir practice — very relaxing, that. The Chemist told me that she had had a bad day at work and so had gone to the American bakery afterwards and had an eclair. I think singing is better, though.

Then I came home, spent some time with the family, and went to bed, where I dreamt that pornographic links had suddenly appeared on the store website.

As I recall, one was called “Recalcitrant Girls.” Now that I am learning so much about SEO and so forth, I can promise you that nobody is searching for porn with that string.

Although I could be wrong. I have had people come to my xanga having looked for “knitting sluts.” I would not have thought that there would be a lot of searching for that going on.