Here’s something really exciting: Knit Pro. Of course it is not exciting if you are not a knitter. But if you are — wow! This application will chart images from your computer for you to knit.

Last week I had found a way cool triangular design which I thought would have been great on Hopkins’s sleeve, but it was too complex for me to chart.  Well, Knit Pro charts it for you automatically. It is, as far as I can tell, free to the public, since its makers want to raise awareness for some causes. If you find that I have broken the law by using it, please let me know. I think the opportunities for digital law and rule breaking through sheer ignorance are enormous. Some day, a whole raft of nice matrons will be hauled into court for some digital crime, and all of them will have to bring their kids with them to translate the charges.

Anyway, this wonderful site charted a number of images for me, and it will do words as well. So when we make the T-shirt, we can put slogans and designs on it. This strikes me as fun. I am looking for a less-expensive alternative to Calmer, however. Even the most fun knitted T-shirt shouldn’t cost $70. (In fairness, when I said this to the lady at the LYS, she said “A T-shirt never goes out of style,” which may be true.) I am thinking that Patons Grace might be the right weight, though it contains no microfiber. Have any of you ever used Grace? It is about half the price of Calmer, and has some very nice colors.

Nona is hosting a knitalong for the T-shirt, to begin April 1st. I will be behind, obviously, since I am determined to complete Hopkins first, but perhaps you will be quicker than I and jump right in. I did the DNA scarf knitalong last year, and found it very helpful to hear and see what other people found out as they knitted theirs.

And, while I am able to put this button in as a picture, I do not know how to put it up here in a way that allows us to click on it and go there. I know it to be possible because other people do it. Pokey? Can you help? I’ll send you the yarn. Is that a good bribe?