I got back to the gym yesterday at last, and am now rewarded with sore muscles, although I never did get a 3chance on the lat pulldown machine. The fellow using it was not only doing straight sets for ten minutes, and leaving the bar swinging in between times — yes, swinging; I’d never seen that before — he was also changing it out to different shapes of handles repeatedly. “Handles” is probably not the word. Anyway, he seemed pretty intense about that machine, so I skipped it.

I continued to receive cards and presents, including this extermely cute thing from Central Office, which is in no way related to my birthday. However, I put into its Dr. Suess cheerfulness the little pyramid boxes of tea which Janalisa gave to me, and aren’t they pretty?

I also have an unprecendented number of birthday cards on my mantelpiece, which is where we always put birthday cards chez fibermom.3

I worked on SEO and curriculum design, and learned from #1 daughter that there are people (including the secretaries in her office) who think that Obama is the antichrist. That link takes you to a summary of this position with links. It is not respectful of the view (or, indeed, of anyone), but it does seem to capture the position overall. Apparently, the world is going to end in 2012, too. My coworkers never talk about things like these. It made #1 daughter feel as though she were in a loony bin, so I guess I shouldn’t envy her or anything.

I coughed all the way through choir. This was, I am sure, irritating to my fellow choristers, and unpleasant for me, too, of course.

On the other hand, I got through the bells practice fairly well. I wouldn’t call it music, exactly, but I can, on a level 1 or level 2 piece, play the notes at the right time fairly consistently. My expectations for myself in this area are low.3

The dogs had a better way to spend the day.

So, after all that, I went to my new blogging gig. I figured I could do a few posts with photographs I already have on my computer. I wanted to get something up quickly while I figure out just how I want to approach the task.

I found that I am surprisingly unfaithful to my zip code.

I live in -03, and just about all my nice pictures are of -01. The farmer’s market is in -01. The arts center is in -01. The cool architecture, the university, the good coffee shops, the fun stores, and the pretty gardens are all in -01.

Clearly, I need to determine the exact boundaries of -03 and begin spending more time there. Um, here.

I think that mostly people live in -03, and the entertaining parts of the town are -01. We have an -04, but I don’t know what they do over there; I think it all used to be forests and fields but is now developments with names like “The Oaks” in memory of all the oaks they cut down.-02 is just the post office. If you live in -01, are joining the cause, and want some pictures, you just say the word and I’ll email mine to you.