True Confessions time.

I got, for Christmas, this little book where you record details of your workouts. It’s fun to see the weights I’m lifting increase, and good to get a heads-up if my cardio minutes are down, and I can make sure that I’m not skipping the triceps thing too often.

There are also little boxes to check for the minutes we spend in a variety of other activities: walking, swimming, dancing, housework…

Ah, yes. The sad truth is, as I look back through my little book, that I am doing well if I hit 30 minutes a week in the “housework” section.

Oh — I’m doing the dishes and the laundry and wiping down the counters and stuff, but actual housework that counts as physical activity? Apparently not.

I’m learning the three main theories about the Pre-Cambrian explosion (one, Dawkins says, is “bonkers”), contemplating the quantum connectedness of all Creation, polishing up my Handel for Easter, comparing the finer points of Brit and U.S. chick lit, reviewing educational software for work, keeping up with adult friendships so I won’t suffer too much from Empty Nest Syndrome in the future, making an effort to remember to brush my hair before I leave the house — what could I give up to gain time for housework?

I can’t knit less — the baby shower on Sunday is for twins, so I can’t show up with one hat. Besides, if I were really knitting too much, I would have a finished sweater to show for it.

Perhaps I should spend less time reading blogs. After all, in the time it takes me get through the Yarn Ho! ring, I could thoroughly clean my kitchen.

Last night after choir, and instead of cleaning house, I watched The Legend of Zorro with my boys and worked on the second baby hat. After some trial and error, I decided to go with this simple cable braid for the edging. #1 son persuaded me that the twins should have the same yarn for their hats, just different edgings. This is on 12 stitches. It is two stitches of garter stitch, one purl, a 6×6 cable, and then the purl and two garter to match on the other edge. It could make a good edging for a jacket or bag.