mayday2 Happy May Day!

You get your choice of things to celebrate on May Day. You can go put flower baskets on your neighbor’s doors and dance around the Maypole if you care to.

However, you can also celebrate the solidarity of labor and/or go on strike.

Americans work longer hours and more days than anyone else in the developed nations. And yet very few of us celebrate May Day as a day of workers’ solidarity, and we never have May Day Strikes.

mayday I like the poster at right. It declares itself as a Euro May Day image, though it is obviously Chinese. The part I like is the way it is offered to the “Precarious of the World,” politely suggesting, “Let’s conspire and strike.” With bunnies. As an unemployed person, I am feeling a bit precarious. However, I do not have anyone to conspire and strike with, and of course no job to strike from.

MyZip sent out an email yesterday telling us all to clear out our desks by 4:30, because they were closing down.

We were having fun, too.

No one was relying on MyZip to feed the kids or pay the mortgage, so that is not tragic at all, but I thought it was a great idea. The email suggested that we all move our files to blogger and keep posting, but I don’t intend to.

Oh, well. Today I meet with Client #2 and do some tutoring. I have run out of jobs to apply for, for the moment, but I’ll have work to do.

mayday3 I’m meeting tomorrow with a woman for whom I had arranged to do some workshops on behalf of the store, back when there was a store. I will have to tell her that the store is closed, of course, but I am not sure what to do about the workshops. If she has already advertised them, then I will of course do them.

I may not be willing to blog about my zip code for free, but I will honor my commitements.

However, I probably shouldn’t be representing an entity that is no longer in existence.  

On the third hand, someone approached The Empress about buying the web site, and me with it, so I may end up continuing that, in which case of course the workshops for this woman would be marketing for the site and should still have the store’s name on them.

Chances are, I won’t know which hand to go with before tomorrow’s meeting.

I also have these paid blogs, in addition to MyZip, which are no longer paid for. MyZip is Not My Problem. I will just leave it alone. And a couple of the formerly paid sites will be easy enough to shut down once I know for sure that the main website will be closing. But the oldest and best one is going to be hard to decide about.

So I will mull over these things in the interstices of the day. Have fun at the Maypole, or the picket lines!