Alison, the designer of the T-shirt, left me an encouraging comment suggesting that I redo the neckline. She found that very careful picking up of stitches was required, and recommended a reference work. Deb from the Tshirtalong picked her stiches up and knitted the neckband, then turned it inside out and sewed it on the outside, which seems to have worked well. And Wendy not long ago picked up the stitches in the main color and then switched to the contrast color for a tidier edge on a different design. Any of these approaches might work. So I have planned to spend tomorrow evening redoing the neckband, possibly in several different ways, until I get it right.

Anyone who is planning a Friday evening at the symphony, or going out dancing, or some other more exciting thing than staying in knitting, has my permission to feel sorry for me. I do not, however, feel sorry for myself. LikeWowMom has alerted me to the presence of canals in Ohio, thus providing new inspiration for my family history studies, the beans are up in my garden and the strawberries are ripe, and last night’s choir practice showed unmistakable signs of incipient choir-like-ness. All these things make me happy.

This evening will be spent in giving #1 son driving lessons. My husband has been doing it so far, since I have been out every evening this week, but #1 son claims that he feels nervous when driving with his dad. Something about maniacal laughter….