Do these count as the first roses of the year?

We have hundreds of buds ready to open, but the first  full-blown bloom is a real surprise — a white rose. You can see it below.

This is a surprise because I have no white roses. So Iguess one of the bushes must have died over the winter and the original root stock has sent up a shoot. Or else New Dawn got pale down on the patio.

I had to drive up to the college (in the next county to the north) yesterday to sign my contract. I also arranged to withhold a bunch of money for taxes, since I never did figure out the quarterly estimated tax payment thing.

The lady in the HR office was very nice. She said, “You can fill these forms out here if you want, but you can also take them with you and discuss them with your tax person” in a kind voice.

“If I had a tax person,” I said crisply, “I wouldn’t be in this position.”

I also signed up for an online class for the summer. I was really disappointed with my online class this spring. I don’t feel that they got an equivalent experience. So I thought I’d take an online course. I’m taking web design, since that is something I need to know more about anyway.

The class is free since I teach there, but the book was $65 used. I know everything in about the first half of it, so I figure I’ll be able to take the class without enormous effort, get the practice and feedback I need, and have more insight into the distance learning process, all in one fell swoop.

That’s the plan, anyway.

My unbillable hours have increased badly as I negotiate with all these new prospective clients, and it’s mid-month invoice day and I haven’t yet been paid from my beginning-of-the-month invoices. So I’d like to get some oDesk (guaranteed payment) hours in today, but my list of billable stuff is very long. Also my list of high-importance unbillable stuff.