5 More churches yesterday.

I like this angel, though it requires skill to photograph glass, and I do not have those skills. This little church was built in 1865, though clearly this window is newer than that.

It is in a “church on every corner” relationship with the church in the next picture, and both are called St. James. The only other “St.” churches in town are the Catholic and Episcopal Churches, but on this block you find both St. James Baptist and St. James Methodist.

I imagine it can get confusing.

I have sung in the church with that window.5

This church, however, was new to me.

The door to the sanctuary was unlocked, so I pushed it open and went in. There was a little bit of a foyer and then the sanctuary, with a sheet of plastic bisecting it. There were people talking on the other side of the plastic.

They were talking about hammers.

“Hello?” I said. There was a silence.
“Yes?” came after a bit.

It seemed to me that the voices might not be the pastor or the church secretary. However, I could not remember the pastor’s name, so I couldn’t just say “Pastor Dan?” or whatever it might be.

“Umm, are you church staff?”
More silence.
“I was looking for the office.”

I felt stupid explaining my errand to unseen people, possibly construction workers, through layers of plastic. Still, they were not giving me any help, so I identified myself and started in.

“We’re the folks you buy your bulletin board stuff from, and we’ve closed the store in this town, so I wanted to…”

At this point a workman came in through the door and directed me to the parsonage. In fact, he unlocked the door for me and let me put a catalog on the pastor’s desk.

I just think it was a good thing that I wasn’t there for spiritual care. What if I had been saying that I was a sinner and wanted to come to Jesus? What would they have done then? What would their plastic have availed them?5

This was the next church, a couple of blocks over. It was built in 1852 to be the college of the town. It gave the first college degree in the state, and later grew into the local university.

I don’t know when this particular building was built, or what parts of it used to be the college, or when it became a church, though I expect it was around the end of the Civil War, since that is when the university as we now know it was built.

The first church in our town was built in 1823. I had gone there on the previous day.

The church with the construction going on consisted of just the sanctuary and the foyer, with a basement which probably houses the Sunday School classes and what have you.5

This church has three buildings and a rabbit warren of rooms.

Later on I went to the giant church, which takes up an entire city block.

It sometimes seems unreasonable to me that we have so many churches — 164, according to the internet, for a town of just over 60,000 — but this way I guess you can pick your architecture and music and go to the size of church you prefer, an old one or a new one as you prefer.

Today I continue my church visits.

I also have continued strife with the household problems (wet carpet and clogged drains). Yesterday involved baking soda, fans, ironing the floor through towels, plungers…. Today I may call in the professionals.

There is also computer work, driving #2 son to and fro (#1 son is going to the lake with some other newly-liberated seniors), and a lecture on civil disobedience.