I don’t know how I can manage to have a hectic day sitting at a computer all by myself, but I did. Lots of calls and emails and clients and prospective clients and IMs and questions and stuff.

I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped, but I did enjoy the day.

It’s hard to Toggl on days like this. Toggl is a wonderful application for keeping track of your time. When you answer a call from one client, it takes just a second to toggl over to that person and then a second to toggl back when you get back to your project.

But today, there were calls on top of emails on top of IMs on top of projects on top of more calls, and even live human beings. I lost track and I know I was highly inaccurate.

In the evening, La Bella and La Tenora and I went to hear a wonderful chamber quartet playing Mozart and Ravel. Just beautiful.

All our friends were there. You know those older ladies you see at the farmers market and the string quartet concerts and the charity things?  Well, I am apparently one of them.

However, I’m also a computer guy. Which one is the one I am when I put my glasses on, I’m not sure.

This is the quartet we were listening to. Their website is under construction, and I’ve looked at their code so I can tell you it may be a while, but they are amazing and you should go hear them if you have an opportunity.

The bits of sewing here show one of the Summer Top Project tops, looking rather like a skirt. I’m nearing the end of my first week of the two weeks I had for the project, and I have finished only one. Ah, well, tomorrow is Friday. Maybe I can sew in the evening.

I’ll be writing about sex education and industrial valves, plus the usual blogging. It should be interesting.