We have lots of roses, as this rotten photo attests. We’re also having plenty of rain, so they’re quite happy.

And I have lots of work. Also very nice. One of the things I’m working on is about the design of fireworks, always a fun topic, I’m sure you’ll agree. I was surprised to learn that gunpowder was initially  used as a medicine.

Not only did it appear to have antibiotic properties, being sprinkled on bread or brewed into tea to help people heal wounds, but it also was used for skin diseases like ringworm.

I can’t help but feel that there must have been some unfortunate side effects.

Anyway, you have to learn something every day, don’t you?

The boys have settled into a summer break routine of sleeping late and then filling the day with video games and sports until #1 son goes to work in the evening. #2 son coached one class at the gymnastics studio yesterday, but generally spends his evenings playing Ultimate Frisbee with friends or video games by himself.

#2 son will be going down to stay with #1 daughter for a week or so before he heads back to school for his summer job. He needs to rest and play a lot before he gets back to work. #2 daughter and I have been feeling as though we should have a vacation, or one each, too. I think July is the right time for me to take a vacation. I’m not sure how I’ll accomplish it, but I plan to try.