Here is what I’m knitting. Not, as has been suggested, human brains, but Endless Summer Connemara cotton.

The pattern is Flying Diagonals, from Lacy Little Knits. I started this pattern a long time ago in a laceweight and discovered that the title’s word “lacy” is correct — these are lacy rather than lace, and laceweight won’t work. In fact, Connemara is often listed as worsted weight, though I think it’s closer to sport.

In any case, I tried and failed with the laceweight and set the project aside. I made Oat couture’s Bijoux Blouse from this Connemara, but rarely wore it. So I frogged the Bijoux Blouse and am making the Flying Diagonals cardi instead. I think the additional structure will be better for this yarn.

The other thing I worked on yesterday is this little purse.

I am such a bad photographer.

Anyway, the yellow one is a storebought bag . It has a top band and pleats. For some reason, I really like pleated bags. Also pleated shoes. Pleated hats, even, if it comes to that.

So I’m making much the same bag, though slightly larger, from a print ultrasuede given to me in the collection of hand-me-down fabrics. I’ve got the pockets on the lining and the outside sewn together. At this point, I’m supposed to put in a zipper. I am, however, baffled. There’s the outside, the lining, and then two sets of facings. Somewhere in the putting together of all these pieces I’m supposed to insert a zipper. I can’t figure it out.

I have therefore put the little bag with the jacket. When I have time — and when they’ve had a chance to think about their behavior and repent — I’ll finish these two things up.