Yesterday I started by following up with the new websites about to be launched, and doing blog posts, and then hightailing it to class. After class, I zipped home to do the remaining blog posts and review websites and write ad copy, and along about 5:00 my time I had a message from my guy in New York saying wasn’t I going to do his project today?

Because in his time zone, today was just about over.

So I did some apologizing and negotiating and then went out for a walk with Janalisa, feeling jumpy from the pressure of all the stuff I haven’t yet done. Walking helps.

When we got back, I had just time to grab my music and head to bells and choir. Then I walked home and did the project for the guy in New York, and a redo of the ad copy. I had frozen waffles for dinner around 8:30.

The ad client looked at what I sent and came back with, “If only they had that kind of budget!” and wanted it cut from 500 words to four sentences.

So this morning I have twenty-four papers to grade, and I still haven’t gotten to the IRS office or looked after my client who’s switching hosting companies, whom I had planned to visit on Tuesday. I am not going to list the rest of the stuff that I haven’t done. It seemed to me last week as though I had extra time. What happened?

“Didn’t you understand what your summer teaching schedule would be like?” asked #2 son severely.

It’s true that I have to leave the house at 10:00 and don’t get back till 1:00, which is a large chunk of the day.

Do I sound panicky at all?