“You called somebody Missy? Right out loud?
Jeeminy. What did she say back?”
Ozarque said that in the comments to my earlier post today, so I will tell you that she laughed, since I am here. After all, she was compalining about the key change in the thumb-damping in front of someone who scarcely knows what thumb-damping is, who responded to key changes with wild hand gestures above the bell table as she tried to figure out which bell she was supposed to use, and who was being shouted “a-onie and a-twoie” at all through the practice, so I guess she could understand. Plus I am old enough to be her mother, and she could see that I was joking. The maddened gaze and white-knuckled clenching of the bells could not have disguised that.
However, I came back here not for that explanation, but to let you know that my store is now #10 on Google! That is the front page! It used to be that when you typed in our name, you saw a million other stores with our name (we all named our stores back when being the only one with that name in the state was enough) and ours was complately invisible, and now, through my inept attempts at SEO, we are on the first page! I may keel over from sheer joy.
You see why I sort of had to write this on my blog, rather than calling friends and family to announce it. A drawback to working alone, perhaps. On the other hand, it does keep me from careening through the store (which isn’t even open yet) shouting in an unseemly manner about stuff no one else cares about.
So that’s good.