There have been many reports over the years linking religion and health: prayer speeds recovery, spirituality increases chances of surviving cancer, etc. So one non-religous researcher decided to do a review of the research in hopes of debunking the supposed connection.

Her results, reported in the Wall Street Journal, surprised me. She found that “being religious” or using spiritual practices for health did not have consistent positive effects, but attending church did. A variety of irreligious explanations for this were offered — it could be the social benefits, after all, or the fact that regular churchgoers are less likely to be out on the tiles on Saturday nights —  but she concluded that she ought to go to church.

I’m going to the doctor today, and to the DMV tomorrow for #1 son’s driver’s permit test, so I should be able to make good progress on the remaining T-shirt sleeve. I would rather go to the gym, but that is life. I bet regular attendance at a gym also has health benefits. Perhaps the two could be combined. Services held in the weight area, everyone puffing out the hymns from the elliptical machines… Maybe not.