I have some mild gloating to do here. First, Client #1 is out of the deeps of the search engines and into the top 100 (pages 8 and 9, in fact) on two of our keywords, and lookin’ good at #1 on the site name. Not bad for a week. Second, I now have a Client #3. I will be meeting with her tomorrow. This is another of my special monthly rate Dark Art Lite clients, and I am happy to be able to tell her about the zooming up the charts of Client #1. Also, Client #2 just sent me a grand new assignment which I will enjoy enormously. Client #2 is my big client. I have another big client on the horizon, and another little one, too.

In my brief fantasy about being a professional practitioner of The Dark Art, I am imagining my website with a button for Dark Art Lite. With a black and white graphic. Aubrey Beardsley or William Morris?