Choir Conflict

I have a choir problem. I’d been managing pretty well, I guess, by singing with the choirlet and playing bells for one church while singing in the actual choir in the other. Last night, though,  I learned that both churches are having their big Christmas music on December 12th. Very early, actually.

Now what will I do?

Apart from that, life is good. The weather has been very beautiful, the trees are glorious in their fall colors, and I’m enjoying the web site I’m working on. We didn’t get the opera company site, I’m sorry to say, but I have plenty of work at the moment and #1 daughter has big plans for the future.

#1 son’s band also has some opportunities arising, and is planning to set up a website for the purpose. That won’t be a paying job for me, but I think it will be fun.

In knitting news, the Nitid Cowl from Interweave Knits’ Christmas present issue is coming along swimmingly. Also, the new cleaner came in yesterday, so we’re less grubby.

All things to be thankful for.