I’m suffering a bit from to-do list overage. Is that a good phrase? It sounds benign, doesn’t it?

Son-in-law will be in town tomorrow. #1 daughter is still waffling about accepting a promotion, and I don’t know what she intends to do about her marriage or her schooling, but she is being a social butterfly and having fun. #2 daughter is moving house and her company is also moving their office. #1 son is struggling in school, but looking toward the future. #2 son is working hard in school, because he is looking toward the future. The HGP is having us clean the dining room this week. I haven’t been keeping up with putting things in the freezer this year, and am behind on the addressing of cards, but I have my Christmas shopping pretty well finished.

In fact, this Saturday is the one unscheduled day of which I have previously spoken, and I plan for it to involve a great deal of cleaning, as well as the addressing of Christmas cards and baking.

Here’s a scene from my house:

“I’ve spoken with you about this before. Have you been practicing?”

“You say you don’t have time, but this will save time. Look, just try it. You’re not going to get better if you don’t practice.”

“Here, I’ll help you. Now, you just work on it every day and you’ll get it.”

Who do you think is speaking here? If you thought it was me nagging some kid, you would be wrong. That was #2 son, nagging me about encouraging me with the mandoline. Not the musical instrument (which would be a mandolin), but the kitchen tool, which I still have not mastered. I may get in some practice on Saturday.

I am, however, getting better with the bells. Not all the time, mind you, but with the piece we are doing on Sunday. One of the other bell-ringers, bless her, spent an hour with me. She played the whole piece on the piano while I rang my bells. I have memorized the tune, and if I hum it under my breath, I can play my bells at the right times the majority of the time, and only occasionally lose my place or forget to change keys when the composer does.

It is possible that I will not have to arrange to sprain my ankle before Sunday. That is plan B.

But I am looking too far ahead. I have a long long list for today and tomorrow before I can think about the weekend.