happy_turkey_day I don’t know why this turkey appears to be a mammal, but it is not real enough to put you off your feast.

My boys helped with preparations yesterday, and I was able to loll around some, so we are well set for today.

Some things are ready to go in the oven. Here is a nice loaf of cranberry-studded bread which has already been in the oven, and is now sitting, sliced, on the 11 table.

I got the dough for the rolls going this morning while waiting for the kettle to boil.

That also gave me enough time to shave chocolate over the torte and unmold the Jell-O. Among the nice things about Jell-O which I did not mention yesterday si the suspenseful moment when you unmold the thing.

It adds a touch of excitement to the day, doesn’t it? If it falls apart, you have to chop it up a bit and put it in a bowl and oh well never mind.

Today’s came out nicely. I held its bottom in a pan of hat water for a couple of seconds before turnign out. That’s the secret. Some people wring a kitchen towel out in the hot water and wrap it up a bit, but I never have a spare kitchen towel that I feel I can use in that way. 11

There will be fruit in the middle of it.

The Empress is coming over with a new cranberry relish.

For some years, That Man and I have taken turns making the NPR cranberry relish with horseradish, and this year it is his turn. However, he and The Empress have instead made one with apples and walnuts which sounds wonderful, so I am not feeling deprived.

Once I finish my tea, I will get going on the pies and things.

#2 daughter made it here safely last night, after a couple of little glitches. I am not a superstitious person, but I like to think, when something has gone awry, that that was the thing was going to go awry. That is, something always goes wrong. “The best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley,” as Robert Burns put it, and of course we are all now thinking of Eddie Izzard.

Think of Murphy’s Law instead. Something always does go wrong when you have a big undertaking going on. So, once something goes wrong, I figure that there are no more gangings agley ahead of me. I’m through with them. From here on, all will go swimmingly.

I hope that your Thanksgiving goes swimmingly as well.