At Book Club yesterday, I asked the ladies for their sage advice on #1 son’s teen angst/ school troubles, and they were very helpful. They were speaking as musicians, which helped.

At bell choir rehearsal, the director told us to “whomp ’em,” and assured us that he had never heard of a bell cracking while being rung, as opposed to while being flung across the room. We are doing a medley of holiday tunes, and I actually got through the rehearsal without having sat down and circled all my notes first, which was encouraging. I can believe that it might, someday, begin to feel like music.

The pastor caught me in the choir room to ask if I would like to head a ministry team on music, and the early service pianist asked if I’d sing “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus” at 8:30 on Sunday. Another member of the choir asked if I’d help her input all the music into a spreadsheet.

Our music for the 16th, which is the day for big music at the church, sounds horrible at the moment, but we have hopes. We have two rehearsals left. If people will practice outside of rehearsal, we’ll be able to do it. The music for this Sunday still sounds pretty sketchy, actually. I’ve brought it home to learn the tenor part, which is rather high for our guys. The alto part is rather high for me, spending a lot of time as it does in the E and F neighborhood, so I’m going to sing with the men — actually, they’re also in the E and F neighborhood, but an octave lower, where I am more at ease. I can’t read the bass clef, so I think I’ll have to write in the notes and then pick it out on the piano. One of the tenors said that he types it into the computer and listens to it being played back, so I will see whether I can find an application that does that. Let me know if you know of one.

I met my business goals for the month as of yesterday, so I’m pretty chuffed about that. I may have said before that I met my goals, but I always have two sets of goals: a minimal one, and then the real one, which I don’t hope for till I’ve met the minimal one. Orders are also increasing at the website for the store where I have my fulltime job, so I guess I’m succeeding with the SEO, though I am not meeting my writing goals for that job. For some reason, I am really having trouble with the second grade unit. I am tempted to skip ahead to the third grade, on the theory that I just have some problems with the current topics, and will be back to my usual self, with ideas springing forth readily, if I have a different topic to deal with.

This may not be true. I may actually be tired. Or the fact that I have eaten nothing this week but scrambled eggs, turkey sandwiches, and apples (my family is doing better than that — I just haven’t been home for meals this week) may be affecting my brain. The sheer randomness of this post may give a hint of what’s going wrong with my writing. It may be that I need to just do the more repetitive and tedious parts of the job today, and leave the exciting creative bits for some time when I have more attention available.

We have a tree in our living room. The boys helped put it up. We have not, however, decorated it, and the autumn decorations are still on the mantel. Tonight’s rehearsal is optional. I may stay in and decorate instead. Maybe that would help with the old brain trouble.