#1 son received his letter of acceptance from the local university, where they will be glad to welcome him to the horticulture department in the fall. He was given a list of things to do, including one in bold type: to put a decal of a wild red pig on his car window. We know what he really needs to do though: keep up his grades and hustle for scholarships.

The winter storm hasn’t gotten here yet. It is raining like billy-o, but no ice or sleet or snow. The boys will be disappointed, because they don’t close the schools for rain. The Chamber Singers rehearsal and recording for tonight is canceled, though.

Church choir met as usual last night. Church choirs at Christmas often do a big work like a cantata or oratorio, or a set of lessons and carols arranged by one composer. We have a wide variety of pieces. There is one to a mamba rhythm, one that sounds like a sea shanty, a couple of doo-wop anthems, a motet, a bit of chant. I like variety, myself.

But my favorite at the moment is Thomas Morley’s “‘Tis the Time of Yuletide Glee”, a madrigal. Morley was one of the major madrigal writers. He actually wrote a book on the subject, with a title like “The Writing of Musick Mayde Practical and Easye.” A Renaissance Music Composing for Dummies sort of book.

I love this song. But the rest of the choir hates it. I argued for it fairly passionately, but there it is. I told them I would just have to find someone else to sing it with.

Here are the words:

“‘Tis the time of Yuletide glee, all the world should joyful be
Let us sing right merrily.
Though the frost may chill the ground, and the snow lie all around
Let your song most mirthful sound.

Be ye then cheery, no man be dreary, let none be weary,
This day should joyful be,
‘Tis the time of Yuletide glee.

There are carols in the air happy music everywhere
Bidding us to banish care.
From the houses all alight shine the Christmas trees this night
And the world is all aright.

Be ye then cheery, no man be dreary, let none be weary,
This day should joyful be,
‘Tis the time of Yuletide glee.”

Learn it and give me a call.