Thursday November 30, 2006

What with the winter storm warning and all, I stayed home and dipped into my DVD workout collection.

This is the one with the 50-year-old instructor. Yes, she has ropy muscles, but that just makes her more fearsome when she tells us to lift things. I quite like her, and she is an excellent antidote to excessive perkiness, if you have been doing Denise Austen or working out in aerobics class with one of those sweet little Barbie-like instructors.

The workout is 30 minutes of the Lotte Berk Method, which the dancers among us will probably remember. If you are not familiar with Lotte Berk, you will be reminded of Pilates or ballet.

The DVD claims to be for beginners, and it does have a lot of instruction about form, which is of course excellent for beginners. I would like it if there were an option for skipping the elaborate set-up of each exercise once we have learned it, but it is probably not more than 5 minutes total of the workout time. Since much of this uses weights, you can simply increase the weight for more challenge. There are two sets of ten reps each on each side for a number of different movements, so this can certainly be your strength-training DVD. There is also a good stretching section. There is no cardio here. If you get your 90-120 minutes in walking or something, then doing this workout a couple of times a week will complete your fitness routine.






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  1. lostarts Avatar

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    Let’s see. Did I forget anything?