Yesterday I taught class, then got back to my computer to do a proposal and some content updates, and then went to a meeting with The Computer Guy and #1 daughter.

The meeting went well, I think. I went with comforting reassurance, and The Computer Guy did the engineer bits. #1 daughter was highly decorative and had all the facts and figures at her fingertips. I think the clients liked us, and I know it’s down to two companies, so I’m optimistic.

In the parking lot we talked about the client, our other assorted clients, and how a company can make money — the last in a very abstract way. The Computer Guy and I don’t usually have such discussions, so it might have been mostly for #1 daughter.

The other interesting thing about the meeting was that we ran into some young women on the way: one when we stopped (we arrived early to be sure we would find the building and had time to kill) to get #1 daughter a caramel mochaccino and one when we went the wrong way and found ourselves at a branch of the college.

The college has branches everywhere. You go out for pizza and there one is. Look for veterinary supplies, and there’s another. I wasn’t surprised to see it.

Anyway, the girls stared openly at #1 daughter. One said, “You look like a businesswoman. Are you in business?” The other just stared silently with her mouth open. I wanted to say, “You can do this, too. Just study hard.”

She clearly could be a good role model for young women. Not sure how best to harness that…

After the meeting and the hanging around in the parking lot talking, we got to our separate cars and #1 daughter said to me, “He’s a nice guy. Almost eerily like #2 son.”

This is a high compliment.