The book False Economy begins with a comparison of Argentina and the United States. At the beginning of the 20th century, both were new, expanding, largely agriculture nations with immigrant populations and bright futures. By the beginning of the 21st century, the United States was a rich and powerful nation and Argentina was a third-world country. The author claims that there were a few bad economic choices involved, but mostly a lot of bad attitude — Argentina had a small ruling class that kept all the goodies, while the U.S. tried to share things out a bit. It is possible, the book suggests, for the U.S. to share Argentina’s fate if we allow that bad attitude to creep in.

In addition to reading a chapter this provocative book yesterday, I also taught classes, worked for various clients, interviewed for one new job and accepted another, and went to rehearsals for bells and choir.

In bells, a new person arrived and I snookered her into sharing bells with me. With her playing two and me playing two, instead of me playing four, I was able to get through large sections of the piece we’re working on with some measure of success.

The piece sounds, at least from where I’m standing, like a car crash. Maybe a car crash involving lots of broken windows. Punctuated by complaining, whining, and bickering, which would actually make more sense in a car crash than in rehearsal. Maybe it sounds better from the front. The new person found the rehearsal humorous. I seriously hope she comes back.

Then we had choir practice with six people and no accompanist. It was sort of grim. It’s one thing to have a rehearsal of a small ensemble, but quite another to have just a few from a choir. It’s easy to feel that there’s a big party going on somewhere and the people who showed up at choir were the ones who weren’t invited.

I’ve been invited to a bit of a party this evening, but also have rehearsal. I’m hoping to have enough work done that I can get to rehearsal, never mind the ladies’ night out. However, all my jobs today are fun and exciting, so I have no complaints.