Yesterday was another excellent workday. I have in fact been having nothing but excellent workdays lately. I even10 got paid yesterday. When you work freelance, you don’t just have a regular payday. You have all these invoices out, and people pay you at their convenience or according to their accounting schedule, so receiving actual money happens randomly, like just suddenly getting money in the mail or having it appear in your bank account.

I bet that people with a better accounting mindset than I don’t see it that way. They probably know what’s coming in and go match it up with the invoice number and stuff like that, whereas I just say to myself, “Money just arrived at my bank! How cool is that!”

Also, I find that my name is on the front page of Google for “SEO[my town],” and you know that the whole moving up Google thing is just like a video game for me. And also my candidate won, which hasn’t happened in a while, let me tell you, so I was just totally enjoying myself. I did quantities of computer work, suffered through Pilates, opened the store and continued doing quantities of computer work, graded papers, and offered a little mild assistance to customers. I arranged for someone to take my place leading the study group, sent in my apologies for missing bell practice, saw the last customer out, and closed up shop at 6:00.

As I reached my car, my phone rang. #2 son wanted the car to get to work. I got home and found that no one had done anything about dinner, with 30 minutes remaining till #2 had to leave for work, and 45 till choir. I raced around getting skillet lasagna going while my husband complained about coming layoffs and #1 son asked about a thesis and citations for his paper and #2 son complained that I (I?) hadn’t yet sent the application fee for his college app and my husband asked repeatedly whether I taken care of his insurance re-enrollment. Dinner wasn’t ready before #2 son had to leave, and his work clothes were still in the dryer.

“I put them in the washer before I left for work. How many hours have you been home?” That was me. I also suggested that someone else could have started dinner. They didn’t see my point.

“If you want me to make dinner,” my husband said helpfully, “you have to leave something to cook on the counter.”

And that’s the problem, really. I have three intelligent, competent men or nearly men in my household, and none of them can take responsibility for the least little household thing. How would these guys manage if I moved away from them for a couple of months? I asked them that, and #2 son reminded me that he planned to come with me.

I was late to choir. At one point we had the following discussion:

Me: “Chemist, do you want to take that higher note at the divisi?”
Chemist: “I’ts only one note. It doesn’t matter.”
Me: “I don’t mind taking it, I just thought we could decide who would.”
Chemist: “It’s only one note. It’s not like it’s a whole line. It doesn’t matter.”
Me: “It matters to me. I’ll take it.”
Chemist: “It’s only one note. It doesn’t matter.”
Me: “It’s kind of you to indulge me in this.”

I returned home from choir to find panicky messages from a retail client. I’ver been getting a lot of panicky messages from the retail clients, actually, but this one wanted me to explain why her sales were down. They are ten times what they were last year for the same month, but they are indeed down from last month. I’m an SEO, not a magician who can shield her from the global economic downturn, much as I would like to, so I didn’t have a great answer. I scoured her Analytics and sent off an email with embedded chart. Meanwhile, someone was messaging me at Facebook with an apparent invitation to go sing in St. Louis, and the screen was going blank repeatedly. In the midst of all this, #2 daughter IMed me with her current frustrations about her bf, and The Computer Guy weighed in with a request for numbers.

“It’s good that you wrote me,” he said. “I was trying to decide how to reply to your last email.” Then we went right into the numbers.

For some reason –possibly the way the screen kept blanking out as the wind howled outside — I felt as though I had missed something. Which last email? What needed figuring out? I didn’t enquire, being as how I had to do some quick calculation and estimation. Fortunately, I had some data on which to base these calculations, but unfortunately it is sort of higgeldy-piggeldy in an assortment of client files. I’ve been meaning to organize this in order to have it at my fingertips instead of having to race around when asked and pretend to have it at my fingertips. In my haste and distractedness I also included some levity in my response along with the numbers. The Computer Guy preserved an austere silence, which is what he does when I stray from seriousness. Though of course it is impossible, in email, to distinguish between austere silence and diligent plugging in of numbers.

All this was followed by a refreshing five hours of sleep.

It is possible that yesterday just had too much stuff in it for one day. Today I have to finish grading papers and get a couple of writing applications in, teach class, and then go to the store, where I can do the blog posts and stuff. There is a dress rehearsal beginning 30 minutes after I need  to close the store, and I have to pick #1 son up for that, and also someone at some point has to pick up his tux. Probably I will have to do that.

Somewhere in there I need to get to the gym, as well. It seems unlikely.

I have a book I want to tell you about. Tomorrow is an at-home day, so it might happen then.