I got through most of my to-do list yesterday. I have a new one for today, of course, including a party in the Poultry Science building. I have written before about their sculpture, and I am told that they have added to their collection, so I am naturally looking forward to that.

We had a good choir rehearsal last night, with twenty or so present, including a new person. I mention this first because Bell Choir took a turn for the worse.

I am supposed to play the bells in public on the 18th. This is an error. I cannot tell what measure I am on half the time, let alone what note I am supposed to be playing. My highest goal as a member of the bell choir is to play the right note at the right time, a feat which I consider to be the merest starting point when I am singing.

Unfortunately, when you play bells, you are the only person playing that note. It is not like a choir. There is a much higher level of responsibility. If I do not play the high E, E flat, and F at the correct moments, the entire piece will — so far as those three notes are concerned — be ruined.

I can’t believe I am being expected to do this.

I have suggested that we get somone with cue cards to hold them up as each measure is played so that I will not lose my place so frequently, but the suggestion was vetoed.

You understand, I am probably the worst bell player the world has ever known.

I am going to head over to the gym now, to distract myself from this grave misfortune that has fallen upon me. And of course upon anyone who has to listen to me attempting to play my three notes.