Over the weekend, we played Malarkey and Carcassonne and otherwise worked and/or hung out.

On Monday after class and blogging  #2 daughter and I went to the Cherokee Cultural Center in Tahlequah. We were taking her to the Optometry School to check out a startling improvement in her vision which was bothering her. It was quite interesting, especially since I was working on an optometrist’s website at the time. I asked the worst case scenario and the guy doing the tests said, “Aww, why do you want to know that?” Apparently, it could have been the case that there was swelling behind her eyes that would push them out of her head.

I found this a comical idea, though it probably isn’t.This is why he didn’t want to tell me, but I wanted to know.
At the Cherokee Cultural Center, we went on a guided tour of the Ancient Village. The guide had a shirt and some  knee-high boots of soft, thick leather, but no pants. We didn’t ask why. I’ve seen lots of pictures of the ancient Cherokee, and none of them strolled around with naked thighs. He also told us, almost in the first sentence, that “women ran freely” in the ancient village. We disliked him from that point on, as we later discovered when we compared notes in the car, but the village was interesting.

Since #2 daughter seems to be fine, it ended up just feeling like an outing.

I got back too late for rehearsal. The next day, #1 daughter took a three month job managing an electronic gift type store for the holidays. This should make life less suspenseful financially and help out with the spell during which, though there is plenty of work, people don’t tend to pay.

Immediately, my inbox was filled with work.

At last night’s rehearsal, we met “The Rune of Hospitality.” Quite difficult, but pretty.