A number of knitting blogs have declared it Socktober. I wish that I could participate, since “Socktober” is clearly a better word than “Sockuary,” which I observed.

I cannot. I am resisting the temptation. I have three things on the needles and a dozen more planned. I will be strong. But I will, in honor of Sockuary, link you a picture-filled article, here, on medieval Egyptian socks, a subject which is doubtless as fascinating to you as it is to me. My thanks to Ozarque for the link that led me to it.

And here is a link on intelligent design from #1 daughter. It came to her from her Italian friend Fred, who has joined us in our ongoing reading of Richard Dawkins. Her friend Frank also joined in (he said, “I thought you and I were good friends. But you talk with Fred about evolution, and you talk with me about candy bars.” I thought that was a good line).

I am letting those guys catch up with me before I move on to a new Richard Dawkins. Plus I have a booksfree pile-up and Book Club to read for. I am also sending #1 daughter a copy of Anna Karenina, at her request, for when she wants a fiction break. I don’t know about you, but I seem to need a high fiction-to-nonfiction ratio, even when I am really enjoying the nonfiction in question.

Anyway, I am finding it interesting to read and discuss Dawkins while at the same time studying the book of Genesis with people who say things like “You have to steep yourself in the truth in order to avoid the lies,” by which they mean that you shouldn’t bother actually learning anything about evolution before condemning it.

The Empress and I both have been surprised by how regularly the topic of evolution vs creation is coming up in headlines and conversations. I had thought that it was essentially a closed subject, with just all the interesting details of processes to be discussed, but I was obviously wrong. The Empress thinks that there is some message for us in the way the topic continues to arise in our lives, and is waiting for clarification on that. I am thinking (being less mystical than she) that there are court cases on the subject going on, which leads to the topic’s being in the news, which makes people think about it and then, naturally, talk about it. In any case, here is a very interesting article on the subject which she pointed out to me.

We started our wonderful jazzy Christmas music in choir last night. I am excited about it. There is a solo in “Behold That Star” which is too high for me but, hey, Pokey, you might want it — email BigSax if so.