My blood test turned out badly, even though as Erehyns put it, I studied hard. I am waiting to be called into the principal’s office — I mean, the doctor’s. It is tempting to conclude that, since six months of health food and gym visits made my numbers worse, I should switch to a regimen of rich foods and lolling about, but that is probably not the case.

I also have visitors coming this weekend. My old college friend, for one thing. She has always been called by a nickname, so I will call her by her real name here, and no one will know who I mean. Mary Alice and I have not seen each other for a couple of decades. So we will have a lot of catching up to do. I am not having any high school reunion-type worries about being successful enough or looking good enough (Mary Alice and I can both be “Been there, done that” about our looks), but I have other qualms. For one thing, this is a woman who lives by herself. How will she adapt to life among the Wild Things? For another, she lives in Pasadena, a city with a song about it. We have plenty of bucolic charm here, but will the farmers’ market and the grist mill be excitement enough? And of course, Mary Alice knows way too much about me.

The other exciting thing is that #2 daughter is coming down with a couple of friends. I am so pleased that Mary Alice will be able to meet her, and I always enjoy meeting her friends, too. I think there will have to be some serious grocery shopping, though.

Here is #2 son with his homemade bow and arrow. It was while tidying up his room for Mary Alice last night that I discovered that the curtain rod had been made into arrows. I think she might want curtains even if he doesn’t, so I will have to go and get a new curtain rod. I thought we had some extras hanging around, but evidently there was a great need for arrows…We have plenty of handmade archaic weaponry on hand, though the trebuchet was damaged in the last rainstorm. With five guys in the house, it may be repaired and put to use. Would that be as exciting as life in Pasadena?

In the midst of all this, I have gotten the second DNA scarf well under way, but nothing more than that. Not even one full repeat of the pattern yet. And it is frilling. Ah, well.