Yesterday I won Camtasia, an extremely cool software package that I’ve been wanting for about a year. It costs $299, so obviously I couldn’t buy it just because I wanted it, and it wasn’t exactly essential. But I think it’ll be terrific for education and blogging applications, and also I write scripts for people’s Camtasia videos, so it’s very good that I have it.

I was all amazed, and also don’t know how to thank the folks I won it from enough, except here’s a link to their very cool and useful site: Creative Nerds. I think they give things away on a regular basis.

I have plans for a bunch of blog posts, once I learn how to use it properly. I’ll probably put some here, too, whether I learn it properly or not.

Today I have conference call training with Artsedge, and it’s also Amazon Vine leftovers day. I am also still behind, so I plan to work feverishly. Tonight #2 daughter is coming into town. I was hoping to get the business plan finished so that she and I could meet with our SCORE counselor in the morning, but that may not happen. Tomorrow we’re having a wine and chocolate party, so if you’re in town, you should come by and join us. This means that I have to clean my house, and shop, and probably also decorate. Also there are currently just enough confirmed guests that it will be uncomfortable if there aren’t more than the currently expected number.

Yesterday included a prickly exchange with a client, numerous delays and interruptions, and getting further behind on things, so I think I am experiencing a bit of stress. However, there are lots of good things going on. With any luck, I’ll get so much done today that I’ll be all caught up.