Last night’s final hymn class ended with a bit of revolutionary fervor on the part of the participants. They are ready to bring the hymnal back into use in the church. My work with them has opened their eyes to the value of using the hymnal over the Power Point, and they are going to start a movement. One of them is also thinking of joining the choir. Another asked me to repeat the hymn class once the new hymnals come out.

I feel as though I succeeded there.

We are also singing “‘Tis the Time of Yuletide Glee” in choir. I love that song. I bullied the choir into singing it last year over the most strident objections. I was thinking of getting up a sextet for it this year. I am thrilled that the director is actually having us sing it.

And I woke up this morning with the rudiments of a new SEO plan. I’ve been on maintenance with the Dark Art for so long that I had forgotten how thrilling it can be as a hunt, quest, or highly sophisticated computer game.

Fortunately, I have decided to use my power for good and not for evil.

Will you do me a favor and take a little survey I have devised?

1. When shopping online, you

a. go to a favorite online store, chosen for much the same reasons you use to choose stores in the physical world.
b. search for the exact item you want to buy and comparison shop for the best deal among the front-page results.
c. mostly shop impulsively when you find something irresistible in your online travels.

2. When you are happy with an online experience, you

a. make that store the default option for that kind of shopping.
b. might bookmark it, but it doesn’t affect your subsequent shopping behavior.
c. don’t slam the store in your blog. A happy shopping experience is the least we should expect, and doesn’t deserve special notice. An unhappy shopping experience deserves vengeance.

I will be very grateful for your responses. If you happen to be a teacher, I would be especially grateful if you would check out this store and give me your honest feedback. Non-teachers, too, for that matter, if you have a little time this morning.

Last night’s study group had a interesting conversation about, more or less, favors. I mostly saw it as a discussion about favors because Ozarque has been having a conversation on the subject over at her place. It goes back a long way, most of it is in the comment section, and there is a lot of other stuff on the page to scan through, but it’s quite interesting. I’ll get back to that topic tomorrow, when perhaps some of you will have read and thought about it as well. And Southern names, too, since you asked.

Today, however, I have a really long list, so I had better get cracking. Which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if you think about it, which I do not have time to do.