runner on bench Here is the table runner. I am showing it to you both vertically and horizontally in hopes that it will look different from the last time you saw it.

I have completed the applique, some of which was just pinned down in the last picture.  runner on chair

I have also completed what you might call the structural quilting — the stuff that holds the layers together and highlights the basic geometry of the thing.

When you make a quilt, you prepare a sandwich out of fabric with a layer of batting in the middle. When you quilt — that is, stitch through all three of those layers — the part you quilt lies flat and the parts that are unquilted puff up.

This is what I like best about quilting. This is the point at which you decide which of the many possible combinations of shapes in the piecing you want to highlight. You can also put in new design elements and pictures and stuff.

In general, I like close quilting that makes a complicated texture. morris quilt


But some people like the puffiness, rather than the flatness you get with close quilting.

I don’t know about the bride for whom the table runner is intended.

But I am thinking that I may go ahead and put the binding on tonight.

Normally, you do all your quilting and so on before putting on the binding, because the quilting changes the size of the of the thing. But I think that I could, with a project this small,  put the binding on carefully and then quilt just enough to keep the puffiness to a desirable level

If I do that, I can then just embroider and quilt as much as I have time for, knowing that the runner was essentially finished and could be given at any time. If I do the normal thing and finish the quilting and embroidery first, I could find myself next Friday night doing the binding at midnight.

The other thing I might do tonight is attend the Master Chorale concert. I am not singing with them this year, but I enjoy their concerts. quilt back

However, my husband doesn’t want to go, and I did not organize a friend to come along. I know that the modern way would be to call up all my friends on their cell phones after work tonight, but I am of a generation that invites people ahead of time. Asking people at the last minute implies that you only thought of them at the last minute. Plus, people usually have a plan for Friday night by Friday morning, even if that plan is just putting the binding on a table runner.

And so many of my friends who enjoy choral music are singing in the concert…

I can go by myself, but I know that the chances of my leaving my home to drive somewhere by myself at night when I didn’t promise anyone that I would — well, let us assume that I will be doing that binding.

Chanthaboune has a funny post about the modern way of inviting people, if you want to see a young person’s take on it. You can click on her name in the “subscriptions” list at the left. I still haven’t figured out how to put in buttons, but I think the subscriptions list works.