Chanthaboune suggests that economics is not interesting, but I happen to know that she enjoyed reading Candyfreak, a book with a lot of economics in it. Of course, there was a lot of candy in it, too, and that might have been the part she enjoyed.

That’s okay. We are not all interested in everything. It’s not a character flaw.

I am interested in a lot of things, but I have to admit that there are large numbers of things in which I have no interest at all. This may explain why I am reading Pompeii very slowly in between other books. This book, while I feel sure that there will be a volcanic eruption soon, is at the moment mostly concerned with the engineering of ancient Roman aqueducts, a subject which for some reason leaves me cold. Brilliant is about a female jewel thief of uncertain age. Much more alluring, somehow.

I am also completely uninterested in the entire continent of South America and everything to do with it, including its music.(We are singing a modern carol int he choir which sounds like a Christmas tango, though, so I may have to revise my thinking there.) Celebrities are a matter of almost complete indifference to me (I say “almost” because there are some individuals whom I find intriguing even though they happen to be famous). Accounting has no charms for me, though I can get surprisingly excited about statistical analysis and, of course, economics. Sports is another subject in which I have no interest whatsoever, although I will watch gymnastics and figure skating with my family out of friendliness, since both are similar enough to dancing for me to understand. I also do not care at all about cars unless they are (a) my actual transportation, or (b) interesting from the standpoint of the environment.

I also do not want to hear or read any poignant human stories about diseases. In the abstract, diseases are interesting. Historically, they can be fascinating. But I do not want to have to suffer over people who are ill unless I actually know them.

So you can feel pretty confident that you will never have to read anything here about famous Argentinian golfers. Or the accounting practices of a Peruvian movie star who suffers from a rare form of cancer, but keeps his spirits up anyway by playing soccer.

Other than that, I make no promises.

I probably will never write about punctuation, however much I may enjoy the topic, because I have learned that no one else cares. However, I am also persuaded that no one has to read this, so I might slip in something on restrictive relative clauses some day.

Now, there is a subject which I have not previously found interesting, but on which I need to educate myself, and that is, crafts. Not the kind fo crafts I do, which are more of the “arts and –” or “needle-” variety. I think I mean the kind that involves hot glue guns. At work, we just got in an enormous shipment of things like glitter pompoms (shouldn’t that be pompons?), satin puffs, and artstraws. I have no idea what people do with these things. Wiggle eyes, too, including flirty ones with eyelashes, and wonderfoam and pony beads. Lots more stuff like that, too. They are all going into a $1 section, and I feel sure that people will want them. But I will be ignorant. I have never before seen a satin puff, and have only limited facility with glitter.

Can anyone out there enlighten me?