This morning I woke up to torrential rains, rolling thunder, enormous claps of thunder with concurrent cracks of lightning.

I like rain, actually.

Then I had to go to the doctor, to discuss my blood. Actually, to discuss cholesterol. Mine is not bad yet, but he foresees troubles. My triglycerides are not good. The doctor wants me to take medicines which I consider unpleasant, expensive, and possibly dangerous. I don’t think of myself as likely to have to deal with heart disease. It doesn’t run in my family, I live right, and I’m a calm person. I don’t think I’m the type for heart disease.

Can you imagine the doctor’s face as I explain this to him? He points out that the side effects and dangers I am concerned about are extremely rare, while heart disease is very common. To him, I seem to be fretting about being struck by lightning and singing tra la la about car accidents.

But he agrees that I can have another three months to try to lower my triglycerides. He doesn’t think it will work. He thinks my problem is a genetic one. If it were going to work, it would have done so already. I told him I had been about 90% perfect as far as the lifestyle modifications went. But #2 daughter says she thinks it was only 70%. Even 70%, however, would have made some improvement — and my numbers got worse. So the doctor thinks that I will try to follow all the guidelines 100%, come back in three months, and need to take the drugs anyway. And, for that matter, still have to continue trying to be perfect. For the rest of my life.

#1 son says he doesn’t want to sound selfish, but he would rather I had high triglycerides than have to eat all those vegetables. #2 son says he really really really really really wants candy. #2 daughter says to make separate meals for myself and just not eat their stuff. She says that will be hard but necessary, just like her classes. She sounded very stalwart about it, at least over the IM screen. I haven’t asked #1 daughter yet. My mother doesn’t believe in cholesterol, and my husband doesn’t believe in doctors, so they are biased. But they say not to take the drugs.

I intend to wait until after Hallowe’en to be perfect.