I’m suffering from insomnia, which I sometimes do, so I thought I’d catch up over here.

Sunday I went with La Bella, La Tenora, and Egypt to see Urinetown. It was very good, and thought provoking.

Monday I wrote the website for the scientist; I’m expecting to make changes on that in the next day or two. I also had continual emails on all sorts of prospects and ongoing projects.

Tuesday I worked on the embroidery pattern website. It was a bad decision from the point of view of business, as #1 daughter pointed out. She’s managing a Brookstone store at the snazzy mall in the Next County for a few months, which should help with our business’s cash flow, though it means I won’t have her help with all the large quantities of work we’re bringing in to help with the cash flow. I think she’s excited about it — she stopped by for lunch in her manager gear and seemed to enjoy it.

Yesterday I met with a prospective client and The Computer Guy (who was showing off his iPad — I wasn’t too very covetous). It was a good meeting and I think they’ll probably sign on. We have a lot of stuff in progress and a lot in the pipeline, but that means we’re putting a lot of time into research and proposals and stuff like that.

I’m also working this week on articles for the upcoming issue of the magazine I write for. And I’m getting up with my husband at 4:00. So being awake at 3:00 (since 1:00, actually) is only slightly early. However, it means I’m really tired in the evenings, and I have punked out on all my evening stuff this week.

My hydrangeas are looking lovely, but also we have colored leaves and even some falling leaves, so there is a bit of fall feeling.