I have an appointment with a CPA tomorrow morning, so I’m attempting to understand things like how to form an LLC and how to handle business finances. Basically, reading about this stuff, or discussing it, or listening to people talk about it, creates in me a strong feeling that I don’t want to own a business.

I’m having fun with the various jobs I’m doing, though I feel as though I’m falling further and further behind. Toggl tells me that I’m doing 4-10 hours a day of billable time — the 4 hour days were my teaching days, so that’s 2.5 paid hours plus commute and grading not counted — and yesterday I had to hang out with a disgruntled student for 40 minutes while he told me how he didn’t have time to do the assignments. He finally said that I might be thinking he could have done some of the work during the meeting time, which of course had occurred to me. So I’m doing roughly 7-10 hours of billable work a day.

I think I’ve reduced my unbillable hours as far as I can — indeed, I have lots of stuff that isn’t getting done, so I guess I’ve reduced those unbillable hours beyond what’s possible. And I’ve been trying to pass things along to the girls, whom I’ve hired. But I still have to do site analyses for prospective clients and phone calls and emails with current clients and support for former clients and somebody has to file and go to the bank and take care of the business’s social media.  So I think I’m working as much as I should.

However, I’ve also been walking, singing, and spending time with friends and family, so it could be worse. I did the grocery shopping this week, though I haven’t done any housework or gotten anything into the freezer. I guess I should get about a B for my attempts at normal life.

The Legal Guide for Small Businesses which I’m reading right now is Amazon Vine swag, and it’s certainly thorough and helpful. I may not want to think about audits and suits and stuff, but I’ll be glad to have a source of information about those things if they ever arise. And the whole taxes and incorporation bit is good to know about as well, unappealing as it may be.