Mostly today I was blogging and writing a newsletter for a client, but we did take a couple of hours this morning to attend the Insect Festival  on behalf of FreshPlans.

We used to go to the Insect Festival every year when the kids were small, but it’s been a while. We had the opportunity to enjoy Insect Theater, to talk with wildly enthusiastic entomologists (they all are, though I don’t know why; maybe they drug them before the festival), and to pet hissing cockroaches, though we passed on the last opportunity.

We also had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and discussed the ways in which FreshPlans is like Facebook as portrayed in the movie.

I made some very nice soap and matching foaming bath oil. The photo doesn’t do them justice, because I am still horrible at photos, even though I now have a nice camera. Sigh.

I worked on the Christmas sweater for #2 son and caught up on The Big Bang Theory

I skipped rehearsal. I was tired.