Yesterday I was working mostly on creating alluring new vistas in the toy section. There are far fewer shoppers now than there were during the back to school rush, so we are trying to clean up and restock. But there are always some customers, and most of them make a little conversation as I commune with the computer on their behalf.

The sufferings of the people on the gulf coast, the relief efforts, the possibility that New Orleans will just sink like Atlantis, and the price of gas were the topics most people chose.

There was one woman, though, who said, “I heard that Canada was the worst threat in terms of weapons of mass destruction.” I was confused, I will admit. I thought she meant that Canada was at the greatest risk of being invaded.

“Because they have less security?” I hazarded.

“I don’t know why,” she said, “but they are the greatest risk. And they have oil reserves that would supply the U.S. for 50 or 60 years. Sometimes I think we’re fighting the wrong people.”

In case you are wondering, this was a little blonde preschool teacher buying books of nursery rhymes and a bead maze, not one of those heavily tattooed guys who come in sometimes to get lab equipment.

So, dear reader, I have some questions for you.

Was this woman suggesting that the United States invade Canada and steal their oil? Is there anything else she could have meant?

If this is indeed what she had in mind, then is this a common point of view, and I just don’t travel in those circles? Are there indeed Americans who believe that we should even contemplate going to war with other Americans — not because they say “about” funny, but in order to steal their oil?

How high would the price of gas have to get before you would be willing to be part of the barbarian horde? Would you cut your energy use by 10% in order to avoid bloodshed on the northern border?

How about Oklahoma? I bet they have oil. Maybe we could invade them.

While you consider your answer, here is Brooklyn. I am not sure that it is possible to see the selvedges in this picture. If you look very closely, you might be able to see that the last two stitches on the edges of the left and right fronts — here shown stacked — have been knitted on every row, producing a nice edge on which to sew the zipper.

Those with a high level of visual/spatial intelligence, whether they can clearly see what a nice edge this makes or not, will have realized that I have done this nice edging on the same side on both the right and the left fronts. I have in fact made two left fronts.

I did not realize this until I got ready to do the raglan shaping. Thank goodness I realized it then. I could have frogged the whole right front and begun again. I could have dropped the edge stitches on both sides and picked them back up in the correct pattern. However, I always make a 1-stitch selvedge, so I just corrected myself and I am trusting to the zipper to cover up that errant stitch. That and the fact that it’s dark blue, and therefore the details are invisible.

I fervently hope that knitting errors are the worst trouble you find yourself in today.