I’ve just insisted that #2 son go to school even though he’s way too tired. I told him that I understood, and I think it’s true, because I myself am way too tired. This is because I stayed up late grading papers and then got up early, though not as early as I should have if I am to get all the papers graded before class. And the blog posts. And emails with clients. My Australians just wished me a pleasant weekend, and I thought they were earlier than I am. I think it likely therefore that my having told them I’d be theirs on Monday morning, when I was thinking it would be Monday afternoon, was perhaps not what I meant.

And here I was thinking that we’d have no communication problems as long as we didn’t have to discuss food.

However, it may just mean that they party hearty there, and begin the weekend early in order to have plenty of time for barbecuing shrimp and playing volleyball on the beach. This fits better with my stereotype of Australians.

#1 son is enjoying school, and getting better on his instruments, even the piano. His piano teacher sounds like a mean person.

“She’s old, so she’s kinda bitter,” he explained.

Fortunately, he was in the kitchen calling this out to me as he made a sandwich, so he couldn’t see me helpless with laughter. Especially since it is completely possible that his piano teacher is my age. I remember that, when I was #1 son’s age, we thought that 26 was a sophisticated grown up age and people over 30 were all just indistinguishably old.

It was the idea of people automatically becoming bitter as they grew old, like maybe 45, that I found so funny.

So many of the older ladies I know are raucously happy old ladies who giggle like teenagers. They don’t flip their hair around as much, perhaps, but otherwise they’re a lot like young people.

We’ll probably never know the secret sorrows that caused the piano teacherĀ to become bitter.

I’m running late and have lots to do, in addition to being way too tired.

My Tuesday class group leader confided that she sleeps only from midnight to 5:00 a.m. That’s roughly what I did last night. I think that, if I did that all the time, it would make me become bitter.