Sleep deprivation is the big issue right now for me. This is typical for this time of year. I just begin to recover from Back to School and then my husband’s job goes into overdrive. If I could get up at 4:00 and make his coffee and go back to sleep… Never mind. I’ve done that rant before.

My husband is also sleep deprived. He starts in about how he’s going to die soon. Today it was how he was going to die soon, without seeing his homeland again.

I have been listening to him say how he’s going to die soon for about 23 years, so I have limited compassion about it. Mostly I roll my eyes.

Last night in hymn class we were talking about choosing music for our funerals. One of the participants told us that she was afraid we would think she was morbid, but that she had it all planned out.

My eyes lit up, I am sure. I also have it all planned out. I showed all present the hymn I have chosen for my funeral, and enjoined them to be sure that they would remember it if I died on the way home from choir practice that night.

I did not die.

However, I think that is a good example of how we seize on shared eccentricities.

“No way!” you hear girls shrieking. “You do that too?”

In a dating situation, people seize on these things because it allows them to think they are soul mates.

Outside of dating situations, it may be more about how it makes our own eccentricity seem less eccentric if it is shared.

It may also be the widespread human peculiarity of being way too impressed by coincidences.

In any case, while I do not think that I will die soon, it is possible that I may become psychotic. Sighkey told me this one year when I was whining about lack of sleep, and I always think of it now. I have my first cooking show tonight. It is possible that I will take a nap sometime today. If not, then I will have to watch out about blurting out things like what hymn I want at my funeral.