Up at 4:30 again, grading papers. Worse, I slept only fitfully last night — I guess I ate something that didn’t agree with me, or perhaps I’ve caught one of the illnesses that has been keeping students out of class. In addition to intermittent stomach cramps, I also had a dream in which The Firm got a $100,000 assignment, but the client couldn’t articulate what was wanted. A music video of some kind, apparently, or maybe an online commercial, but no music was provided and no product was specified. So in my dream we were crewing up for this without actually knowing what we were supposed to do. I’d wake up and remind myself that it was a dream: that I didn’t have any such assignment in real life and didn’t need to panic, but it got in the way of sleep.

So now I’m starting the day exhausted.

Yesterday I had a meeting with The Computer Guy and a couple of clients. I was briefly tempted to complain about overwork, till he mentioned that he had fried his adaptor cord and taken that as a sign that he had worked long enough. Clearly, he wins.

Good meeting, though. I’ve got a couple more jobs coming up with him, and he’s feeling sanguine about being able to fit my new website in. #1 daughter also got a positive though noncommittal response to a proposal she sent out, and I was invited to interview for the marketing team of oDesk. I’ve been at oDesk for just about a year, and I think that being invited to work for oDesk itself (they hire all their staff through their own service, admirably enough) is something of an honor, even if I don’t get hired. I went to bells and choir practice and came home to a new magazine assignment (from the magazine that pays me, not the one that doesn’t pay) to do the cover story. I now have to track down a photographer. I’ve done my own photos for them before, but I think the cover is a bigger deal and requires someone with actual skill and training.

Did you notice that I went to bells? We had two new people who are as bad as I am, but also had several people missing, so I didn’t get to opt out.

So I hope I’m not ill, since I have a lot to do. I think a nap may be part of today’s plan, though.