I guess I’ll have to face it: I’ve been rejected.

I got into the queue for the Knitting Bloggers webring before they closed, and it now is apparent that I have been left in the queue. The mistress of the ring says that only people who failed to follow The Rules were left behind.

I post very regularly, I didn’t get into the queue till I had been blogging for a month, and my grammar is unexceptionable. Therefore it must be that I broke the cardinal rule and talked too much about things other than knitting. I am, apparently, not a true Knitting Blogger, but rather just a Blogger Who Knits.

What can I say? The DNA scarf (70% completed) reminds me of Crick and Watson. A trip to my Local Yarn Shop makes me think of globalisation. I pick up something to read while I turn a heel and pretty soon I’m musing on saints, or male-female differences, or cake. That’s just the kind of mind I have.

Ah, well. Silkenshine is still allowing me to be one of the Yarn Hos. I can take comfort in that.