Africa” by William Billings is very nice.

I’m currently singing this in the Presbyterian choir and playing “Just a Closer Walk With Thee” in the Methodist bell choir. This may be an untenable position.

My life right now contains lots of work and music, but little to no needlework. This doesn’t keep me from checking out the new patterns.  I can’t defend it… but at least I’m not buying them.

This collection by Cynthia Rowley is pretty and looks easy but not completely plain.

Vogue has a lot of pretty dresses in its fall lineup. My daughters would look nice in them.

They also have some interesting architectural looking ensembles, like the one below.

I’ve also gone back to Tuesday class. We’re studying Isaiah, and we began with the question of whether we enjoy church too much.

That wasn’t really the topic. The topic was our selfishness, which extends so far that we actually judge our religious experiences on the basis of how much fun they are.

I can see where they’re coming from, but I think you’re supposed to enjoy your religious experiences.

CG2 came to two services with us last week, with a potluck in between. It was quite a nice potluck, with large quantities of delicious food and good talk on things like whether people’s unwillingness to play the Good Samaritan is the fault of lawyers.

After the second service (he must be awfully fond of #2 daughter) I asked him whether, as a non churchgoer, he had found the two different churches different in interesting ways. He said that he had enjoyed one of the sermons.

Surely, an enjoyable sermon is more valuable than one that’s less enjoyable?

Or at least more likely to bring back someone who goes to church only to please a girl?

I don’t know.The Methodist choir director suggested that my going to the Presbyterian church to sing was an example of covetousness.

The new Vogue pattern at the left is an example of a new take on a classic look. It’s pretty, too, isn’t it?

Looks like draping and basic shapes with special touches might be a trend for fall.

Not for me. I’m wearing exactly what I wore last fall, as soon as the weather cools off enough for me to quit wearing the stuff I wore last summer.

Or perhaps I’ll get a couple of PSDs on my calendar, take a long weekend, and sew something new.