I’ve lost (or completed) three Dark Art Clients this month. This isn’t a bad thing at all, for a variety of reasons, but it did make me think I might need new jobs.

Fortunately, I have a new website to write for a new agency client, and have also been asked to interview with an agency in the U.K.

I like agency work. Of course, I also tend to like whatever I’m doing at the time. I’ll be writing something and think how nice it would be if I just wrote all the time. Then I’ll be plying the Dark Art and I’ll think how much fun it is, like a video game, and that I should do that more. And I’ll be in class and think how much I enjoy teaching.

Really, I like the variety a lot.

Yesterday I interviewed a billionaire. He raised his initial stake by being a football player, and then bought land which became a mall. Or possibly bought the land and built a mall on it. Either way, he became a developer and built lots of stuff and now owns 32,000 apartments. That means that he could house our whole town, assuming that some of the apartments contain families.

I didn’t ask him how he became rich, but he volunteered that he just found a model that worked and kept repeating it. Then he just does his best and works hard and treats all his people with respect. I’m passing this on in case you want to become a billionaire yourself. I don’t know how essential the football part is, but I expect it leaves a fellow with a good amount of capital.

I’m investing a little bit of capital in a new idea myself. Not much, because I have to think a lot about tuition, and if I had ever had much more than what I need for tuition, I’d have to think about doing that dental work. However, when I look back at the investments I’ve made in my business so far, they’ve all paid off, so I’m being fairly cheerful about this one.

Right now we’re having to decide whether to hire someone to do our video, or to do it ourselves. I’m waiting for a quote from The Computer Guy for the intro, and we’ve had a quote from another guy for the camera work.  The Northerners also do fine video work, though I haven’t asked them for a quote yet. Meanwhile, I’m playing with my new video software. Amazon Vine has given away lots of camcorders, but not to me. However, my camera takes video. So does my phone, I think. Mostly, though, I’m playing around with the software’s automatic creation of movies from still shots.

#1 daughter questions whether it makes sense to try to do everything ourselves. She thinks that outsourcing will probably be more profitable in the long run. I’m mulling it over.