After class and blogging and client meetings and choir practice, I watched Leverage and  worked on Dutchman’s Puzzle.

I think it’s going to be very pretty. I’ve got three rows completed and sewn together. That’s half of the middle section.

The pattern I was ostensibly following at some point when I started had just blocks all set together and bound with a binding made by sewing together all the bits of the jelly roll left over after the piecing.

Then I saw the same block with sashing in Quilting for Harvest, liked it better, and switched to that pattern. It has a plain narrow border and a plain wide border, with a contrast binding.

But there are all these little triangles left over, and I’m thinking that I could piece a scrappy narrow border with them. Then I could add a plain border, and do the scrappy binding as discussed.

I’m definitely a fan of the jelly roll now.